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Bracebridge, ON  
Address all correspondence to;
Secretary, 239-2 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1S2
Worshipful Master:

Immediate Past Master:

Senior Warden:

Junior Warden:



Ass't Sec'y:


Senior Deacon:

Junior Deacon:

Dir. of Ceremonies:

Inner Guard:

Senior Steward:

Junior Steward:




Financial Reviewers:

W. Bro. Jason Tryon

W. Bro. Tim Beaumont

Bro. Tony Armstrong

Bro.  Colin Clark

Bro. Paul E. Young

W. Bro. Christopher Edwards

​Bro. Jeff Attwell

W. Bro. Daryl Beaumont 

Bro. Mike Smith

Bro. Lawrence Stevenson

W. Bro. Denis Lanteigne

Bro. Terry Moore

Bro. Harrison Allen

Bro. Tom Gardner

W. Bro. Paul Moore


W. Bro. Ken Lovelock

Bro. Bruce C. Flowers
Bro. David Forth

Masonic Foundation:

Blood Donors:

General Purposes:



Lodge History & Library:

Masonic Education:​

Mentors Program:

Officer' Mentor


Visiting the Sick:​

Lodge Piper:

Brother to Brother:
W. Bro. Paul A. Baker. Chairman

Bro. Harrison Allen

Bro. Neil Somerville, Chairman

Bro. Tony Armstrong, Chairman
Bro. Colin Clark, Vice-Chairman
​Bro. Jeff Attwell, Secretary

Bro. Colin Clark, Chairman
Bro. Harrison Allen
Bro. Tom Gardner

Bro. Jeffrey Klinkman, Chairman
​Bro. Ron Ritchie

W. Bro. Ken S. Lovelock

W. Bro. Ken S. Lovelock​, Chairman
R. W. Bro. David Mahon

W. Bro. Grand Willard
​Bro. Neil Somerville

W. Bro. Christopher Edwards

V. W. Bro. Peter C. Heath, Chairman
W. Bro. Kenneth Veitch

Bro. Bruce Fraser, Chairman
Bro. John J. Morrison
W. Bro. Robert A. McIntyre

Bro. Lawrence Stevenson

R.W. Bro Stephen R. McIntyre, Facilitator

Meets First Tuesday from Sept. to June (2nd Tuesday in Oct.) at 7:30 pm

Muskoka Lodge No. 360
Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario